PJ KABOS - the gold of Ancient Olympia in a bottle

PJ KABOS was established in 2013, starting with the family olive groves near Ancient Olympia. With demand for our multiple award winning olive oil growing, PJ KABOS began working with local farmers and seasonal workers as well, supporting the local economy and the environment by using the traditional method of hand harvesting in spite of its higher cost. PJ KABOS extra virgin olive oil is produced with great care at every step, from the olive groves through extraction to storage and bottling. The primary objective of PJ Kabos is to provide our customers worldwide with products of the highest quality possible while being cognizant of our responsibility to the Environment and to our Community.

Our Product

This premium extra virgin olive oil has a delicate to medium intensity with hints of fresh green fruit, grass, herbs, and artichokes. This olive oil also has one of the highest antioxidant polyphenol content (374mg/kg) we've seen in olive oil. Polyphenol acts as an antioxidant that may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and other diseases. PJ Kabos Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the exclusive olive oil used worldwide by the world's most recognized Japanese restaurant, Nobu.

PJ KABOS and Olympia Vicinity

‘PJ KABOS’ is a privately-owned label exclusively producing, award winning, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The source of this oil is the ‘Koroneiki’ variety of olive. The groves are located on the western side of the Peloponnese, not far from the site of Ancient Olympia. James Panagiotopoulos is the owner of 'PJ Kabos', producer and trader of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. His personal olive groves are from trees planted by his father and grandparents, some 50 years ago. These trees, alongside other local olive groves, produce the precious olive nectar of ‘PJ Kabos’. His grandmother, Mrs. Maria Panagiotopoulou who lived to the age of over 102, is probably the best advertisement for the great health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, of which 'PJ Kabos' Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a big part! The premium quality of PJ Kabos EVOO is ensured by the care PJ Kabos takes every single step of the way. It starts from the tender-love the groves need throughout the year, right up until the harvest and extraction of the final product. This extraction happens just a few hours after the olives are harvested and at a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. After this, the oil is then tested for its chemical and organoleptic characteristics, just as a written confirmation of this premium quality product provided to the customer.

Focus on Quality, the Environment, the Community

PJ KABOS Extra Virgin Olive Oil was declared “one of the World’s Best Olive Oils” at the New York International Olive Oil Competition in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. The primary objective of PJ KABOS is to provide our customers worldwide with products of the highest quality possible while being cognizant of our responsibility to the Environment and to our Community.

Social responsibility

Our social responsibility is what truly characterizes the production of our olive oil. In addition to our privately owned groves we work in close cooperation with local olive tree farmers as the source of our award-winning brand, providing them a higher sale price than had been an earlier practice. Therefore, the local producers, who in recent years have been selling their family made olive oil at rock-bottom prices, can now see their precious family olive trees regaining past glory and providing for them as they once did through cooperation with PJ Kabos. However, we maintain complete control of all Extra Virgin Olive Oil production stages, always abiding by our strict standards that serve to protect the environment in which we live in and at the same time achieving the highest possible quality. Keeping in mind that we are stewards of the earth, although the ever-increasing global trend is to use heavy machinery to harvest the all-valuable olive fruit, PJ Kabos is committed to supporting the traditional method of hand harvesting for the Family Reserve & Selection labels, although the ancient technique does have the decided disadvantage of being more costly. We realize that we are in business to make a profit but we are also in the business of supporting our local community and to have it grow alongside us.

Positivity Impact

The long term goal of PJ Kabos is to grow hand-in-hand with our community and, as time goes on and we develop, to have an even greater positive impact on the local economy and natural environment, while being honored in consistently covering the needs of more customers around the globe with genuine, high quality products.