Oli Migjorn

Oli Migjorn is a small but interesting project focusing on the cultivation of olive trees and the production of organic extra-virgin olive oil, which began in 2007. Its aim was to renovate an old farm in the Cardener Valley, in the municipality of Navàs in the province of Barcelona. In the first phase, Arbequina olive trees were planted on the farm to start production of extra virgin olive oil. The company later renewed and clarified its direction with the aim of reviving the local and original olive variety Corbella in the Cardener River Valley. Quality, the revitalization of the local olive variety and the synergistic relationship with the arable land are the cornerstones of the operation. Quality production is one of the most important achievements of the project. The key is the natural cultivation of the land, the optimal harvesting time and the modern equipment used to produce olive oil. The end result is a unique, high-quality and close-knit product.

Agro-Migjorn S.L.

Agro-Migjorn S.L. is a family business reviving the old tradition of olive growing in the Bages region of the province of Barcelona. The MIGJORN brand represents high quality extra virgin olive oil. The product range is complemented by other products made from olive oil. The company is committed to gentle production methods to protect the environment. Thanks to their excellent quality, Migjorn olive oils are highly valued by gourmet experts.

Olives and organic extra-virgin olive oils

The olive harvest is harvested every October, when the olives are at their best. The oil is cold pressed from the fruit mechanically. The end result is olive oil with excellent nutritional values, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Migjorn olive trees grow at an altitude of 600 meters. This gives the oil a unique taste while improving its quality. Agro-Migjorn produces extra virgin olive oil from the Arbequina, Corbella and Picual varieties and produces a variety of natural aromatic oils. Olive oil is bottled only on request. Until then, it is stored in stainless steel containers to ensure first-class quality and taste. Migjorn is the only olive oil producer to use the Corbella variety. It is an indigenous variety of the Bages region which, according to scientific studies, has a significant health-promoting effect. Migjorn also makes delicious organic chocolate from organic olive oil, which combines innovation and craftsmanship. Each olive variety is certified organic. The olive crop is harvested when the fruit is green in color, full of antioxidants and peppery in taste. The olive oil is intense but balanced and has an aromatic taste and aroma.


The production of Corbella olive oil is possible because the cultivation of the naturally growing Corbella olive tree has been revived in the Bages and Solsonès areas. The variety occurs only in these areas, which is why the olive oil made from it is highly valued.


Extra virgin olive oil made from the Arbequina variety has been produced organically at an altitude of 600 meters, where olive trees grow surrounded by pines and other wild plants and animals. Its taste is soft, fresh and slightly grassy. Extra virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety is produced organically in Catalonia, where olive trees grow surrounded by pines and other wild plants and animals. Its taste is soft, fresh and slightly grassy. Organic product.


Picual is one of the main varieties growing in Spain. It contains the most polyphenols, which makes the olive oil made from it very healthy and especially tasty. The taste emphasizes bitterness and pepper. Picual olive oil is excellent as a dip and sauce, as well as a butter substitute for baking.