Payment methods

Checkout Finland

We use the payment methods provided by Checkout Finland. Payment methods

Checkout is a secure payment method. We hold payment institution authorisation granted by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. The service is maintained by Checkout Finland Ltd (business ID: 2196606-6). Checkout Finland is a part of OP Financial Group. The Checkout payment service remits your payment to the merchant. If you see Checkout Finland Ltd on your bank statement or credit card bill, it means that we have forwarded your payment. The online store acts as the party marketing products and services, and the supplier of products to customers. The online store handles the statutory and self-imposed obligations related to the sale. If you would like to submit a complaint or return a product, you should contact the online store where you ordered the product directly.

Bank payments

We provide payment buttons for every Finnish bank. You can make a payment by pressing the button for Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, Osuuspankki, POP Pankki, Säästöpankki, S-Pankki or Ålandsbanken. The payee will be shown on your bank statement as Checkout Finland Ltd, as we remit your payment to the online store. You will be transferred from the online store directly to your own bank to make the payment securely.

Checkout Finland also offers the option of paying by bank transfer form.

Credit card payments

You can pay by Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard in the online store. The international Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authentication services are available in the online store.

Checkout will be shown as the payee on your card bill, as we remit your card payment directly to the merchant. Card payments are made via a secure payment form, and the card details are not stored on the online store’s systems.

Mobile payment methods

The mobile payment methods Pivo, MobilePay and Masterpass are app-based services that enable online purchases to be paid for by bank transfer or card payment when the payment is approved within the app. Pivo also enables Siirto payments, so a payment can be approved in any app that supports Siirto.


The terms of use are on Pivo’s website (in Finnish):


The terms of payment are on MobilePay’s website (in Finnish):


The terms of payment are on Masterpass’ website at:

Invoice and hire purchase services

The invoice and hire purchase services available via Checkout are provided by OP, Collector, Jousto and Mash (formerly Euroloan). Collector also offers invoice and hire purchase options for corporate customers. Please read through your chosen financing company’s detailed terms and conditions, which will be shown to you when you approve the payment. By approving a payment, you are also accepting the financing company’s terms and conditions. The text under the following hyperlinks is in Finnish.

OP Osta laskulla

Stripe payment service

The Stripe service allows you to make secure and easy payments by debit and credit card without using your online banking credentials. Note: you can also pay using the debit feature of your payment card, and the payment will be charged to your account immediately. You can pay by Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Eurocard, Debit MasterCard and American Express in our online store. Card payments are made on the Stripe payment service. By making your payment, you are accepting the terms and conditions of contract of the Stripe payment service. The terms and conditions of contract are shown at

Klarna invoice – buy now, pay later

The Klarna invoice provides you with 14–30 days of payment time – your Klarna invoice will be emailed to you.

Klarna invoice terms and conditions

When you choose to pay by Klarna invoice, shopping is safe and easy.

  • You will always receive your products before you pay for them.
  • The payment time is 14 days.
  • You do not need to provide your payment card details.
  • You can view your invoice at

When you choose to pay by invoice, Klarna will pay the online store for your order when you make your purchase, and the right to receive the price of the order is transferred to Klarna. The online store charges €0 for invoice payments. If the price is not paid, Klarna will send a payment reminder and charge a reminder fee of €5. Klarna will also charge penalty interest for late payment in accordance with the Finnish Interest Act. If the payment remains outstanding despite the reminders, Klarna may transfer its receivable to a debt collection agency for recovery, and this can give rise to debt collection costs.

Credit rating

When a purchase is made, Klarna checks the customer’s credit rating, which may involve checking credit details on a credit information service.

Processing of personal data

Personal data is processed in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act. Klarna uses personal data to perform customer analysis, identify people, assess credit ratings and for marketing purposes. The personal identity code is used as the consumer’s customer number for customer administration purposes. Read through Klarna’s information security statement if you require additional information about how Klarna processes personal data.

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