Olive oil recycling

Synonyms: cooking oil, frying fat, frying oil, vegetable oil, frying oil, donut oil, olive oil

Do not drain olive oil down the drain – Below is one of the right ways to dispose of oil. The used tin can, for example, goes to metal collection as small metal. Glass for glass collection. Be sure to soak the remnants of a tin can or glass bottle containing oil in kitchen paper or newspaper. Put solid or clotted fat and small amounts of liquid fat soaked in paper in a bio-waste container or home compost. With kitchen or toilet paper, wipe off any grease from the frying pan and place the paper in biowaste. Put the liquid fat in a tightly closed container in a mixed waste container - eg in a plastic bottle, box or taped milk can. Not in the sewer.

Sorting and recycling

Absorb the oil in kitchen or newsprint

You can sort small amounts of olive or cooking oil, for example, into kitchen paper or newspaper soaked in a composter or bio-waste container. If there is a larger amount of oil or if you do not have a composter or biowaste container, pack the oil tightly in a can of milk or juice (whatever) and sort it into a combustible waste container.

Remember! Olive oil must not be drained!

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