The driving force behind our operations is a passion for premium extra-virgin olive oil. Our producer's organically made gourmet products take into account eco-efficiency and sustainable development.

We select our products carefully and lovingly as a result of the accurate screening process. We import all products without intermediaries by working directly with producers in Greece and Spain. Producers have been selected after traceability, origin and on-site inspection - from familiarization to production facilities and tastings. This is how we know the origin of products and raw materials. Many of our producers are traditional family businesses. We can guarantee the true premium quality of our olive products.

Dear Mother Earth

The, located in the virtual bit space, is rooted in such lush concept jungles as: eco-efficiency, carbon footprint, waste management, chemicals, sustainable development, sustainable consumption, natural resources, agriculture, green economy, natural values, biodiversity, biodiversity, natural resources, water, nitrate bioeconomy, circular economy .... In other words: our olive oil makes your imagination fly and inspires you to conjure up delicious dishes from even surprising flavor combinations and you can happily say that you have been part of the success story of an organically grown product.


Organically (organic, organically) grown extra-virgin olive oils come, well, naturally from olives (olive trees) that have been grown in a sustainable way in local farm agriculture. In line with the original idealology, the importance of organic matter recovery and composting, as well as the utilization of beneficial microorganism activity, has been maximized in all activities. At each stage of production, official organizations carry out standardized inspection and control; to ensure that certified biological traceability to olive growers is maintained.

Our "team" is not lost!

The story begins

"Kalimera, kalispera, kalinikta - efharisto para poli". Greeks - a clash of cultures I already had during my studies when I was an exchange student in Leeds, England. How did it happen that most of my roommates, in that little student dormitory, were from Greece - both from the mainland and the islands! I learned from my friends already at that time to appreciate first-class raw materials for food. The mediocrity was no longer of interest, at least for olive oil. So extra-virgin olive oil.

Business idea

Organic, healthy, gourmet, premium, great products, value for money. Blood pressure and cholesterol down. Traditional Cretan diet. This work was to begin to bring organic (organic) products cultivated in Greece, Crete for sale on the Finnish market - at one point I found myself in Spain and one of the family business became qualified products in the range. As a result of the logistics of the products and arriving in Finland, they are to be distributed through various sales channels to either retailers, professionals or restaurants and consumers. Above all, we (I) are interested in raising the awareness of extra-virgin olive oil in Finland, and we have already had some great little players who have come to EVOO to bring good news! Wonderful!


Perttu - Der Feinschmecker connoisseur.