Speira Natural


Speira Natural Products is a startup founded by Antigoni Patsou. Graduated from the Agricultural University of Athens, Patsou is a young Master of Agricultural Sciences whose career in agriculture and passion for traditional Greek products inspired the creation of extra virgin olive oil bearing the Speira name. A high quality and standardized Greek product was born. The company operates in Messenia, one of the most famous olive-growing areas in Greece, where it launched, in cooperation with local small farmers, the production, standardization and sale of extra-virgin olive oil. A deep knowledge of agricultural science and nature as well as a love for traditional Greek products served as the initial impetus for the creation of standardized and certified Greek products.

Our goal

Our aim is to promote and highlight Greek primary production and, above all, Greek producers and agricultural products. We want to highlight small and medium-sized Greek producers who draw all their passion and professionalism to create excellent quality products from the fruit they grow. Standardization not only guarantees the quality of our products, but also brings wider recognition to Greek products. The cornerstones of our operations are Greek agricultural products and their excellent quality, technology and innovation, as well as our knowledgeable team of agronomists and food technicians, among others. They act as our compass when choosing as partners our best local producers from the most famous olive growing regions in Greece.

Our vision

Our vision is to offer unique organic quality products by exploiting and nurturing the treasures that the Greek soil offers us. Respect for the environment and sustainable development are our core values.

Quality control and sustainable agriculture

In collaboration with a specialized chemical laboratory, we ensure the quality of our suppliers and products before selling to consumers. The purpose of the process is to guarantee high quality at all stages of production. We strive to follow good farming practices in our production that respect the environment and ensure sustainable development. We work closely with selected local producers who follow the principles of an integrated management system in their crop management. Thanks to this, nature and human activity are combined in culture in a balanced way. An integrated crop management system ensures the environmental friendliness of farming methods and the well-being of nature. At the same time, the level of manufactured products is kept consistently high so that we can provide consumers with the quality they deserve.