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The latest gold prize came from last year’s Berlin Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition! This classic is a real ubiquitous item for everyday use!

PJ KABOS's products have been voted one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world for years in a row. The latest gold medal for this product came from the Berlin International Olive Oil Competition. This extra-virgin olive oil is one of the highest antioxidant polyphenols and a real superfood. Extremely low acidity of 0.23 to 0.30% in this price and quality class!

General information

  • Area: Olympia, Elis, Peloponnesos.
  • Variety: 100% koroneiki, fresh and mild fruity aroma with medium strong spicy elements. Not so strong, dominating elements in taste and does not dominate the food portion palette completely even though more abundantly used in food.
  • Harvest date: December to January (late harvest).
  • Acidity: 0,23 - 0,30
  • Packaging: available in 500 ml glass bottle (6.00cm x 6.00cm x 28.50cm)
  • Country: Greece
  • Best before: 2022/11
  • Additive-free, lactose-free, vegan.


An oil with a delicate, almost imperceptible taste. As a characterization, already heard from a Finnish mouth: "birch", "summer day". Taste: Very lush aromatic initial sensation, delicate herbs and artichoke nuance come to mind sharply. Mildly fruity, little bit of bitterness, partly even a sweet almond-like hue. There is little pungency or sharpness on the taste brush. An exceptionally harmonious, albeit complex whole.Available in Finland only from us.

Nutrition labeling

Extra virgin olive oil / Extra jungfruolivolja

INGREDIENTS/ INGREDIENSER: High quality olive oil obtained directly from olives * and only by mechanical methods. Olivolja av hög kvalitet.
ORIGIN: Greece.
PRESERVATION: At room temperature. Protect from light and heat. In the refrigerator, the olive oil may solidify and become cloudy. At room temperature, the oil becomes fluid again.

Nutritional content/näringsdeklaration/100 ml (1 dl):

Energy/Energi:3451 kj / 825 kcal
- of which saturated/varav mättat fett: 14 g
- monounsaturated fats/enkelomättat fett: 71,9 g
- polyunsaturated fats/fleromättat fett: 5,3 g

Carbohydrates/Kolhydrat: 0 g
- of which sugars/varav sockerarter: 0 g

Protein/Protein: 0 g
Salt/Salt: 0 g




Pack size

Also available in a larger pack size of 12 x 500 ml. On request, we can deliver larger 5 l metal canisters to both foodservice restaurants and production facilities.